Below you can find my current working papers. Many of these have been presented at conferences. As they are works-in-progress, all comments are welcome, so please feel free to reach out.

Working Papers

The Effects of Dog-Whistle Politics on Political Violence (with Olga Chyzh and Clay Webb)

A Watershed Moment: Climate Change and Election Outcomes

Long Run Confidence: Estimating Confidence Intervals when using Long Run Multipliers (with Dave Peterson)

Modeling Structural Selection in Disaggregated Event Data (with Olga Chyzh and Doug Gibler)

State-controlled Media and Foreign Policy: Analyzing Russian-language News (with Elena Labzina)

Leaving the Party: Power Asymmetries and Membership Discontinuity within International Organizations (with Youngwan Kim)

Explaining Variation in Protester Commitment: Survey Evidence from Ukraine’s EuroMaidan, 2013–2014 (with Olga Chyzh)

Putting Together the FDI Puzzle: An Endogenous Model of Foreign Direct Investment, Democracy, Economic Development, and Human Capital